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*Welcome to CLIFF EMPIRE

CLIFF EMPIRE was formed by a small group of 15 youngsters, way back in the year 2001. We had seen the ugly face of pain and poverty. The group decided to engage in social welfare activities and help the needy. The group was also keen on alleviating the root cause of the social problems.

We strongly belive that social service should always be quality time spent on giving back to the society from where we have taken for our personal growth. It is everyone’s duty to give back to the society rather than expecting a reward.

Though CLIFF EMPIRE was started in 2001, we were not able to continue our service because of our studies and exams which kept us busy. After college days people got scattered through out the globe. In 2007 Mr. Ravi Karthikeyan took the initiative to re-unite everyone. We came up with online e-group; we made discussions, started collecting money from individuals, identified few people and donated money. In 2008 we got our association registered under Tamil Nadu societies registration act by the name CLIFF (since name Empire was not allowed by registrar) and now we are a full fledged society.

Registered as CLIFF but we will call it as CLIFF EMPIRE. To make it precise CLIFF will be our official name and “a socially conscious EMPIRE” will be our caption. Combined will give

“CLIFF a socially conscious EMPIRE”. We will call it as CLIFF EMPIRE.

We have various programs carried every month and sponsoring many people. Browse this website to find all details regarding CLIFF EMPIRE.

How we work?
A minimum amount of Rs. 100/- per month is collected from evey member towards various programs conducted by Cliff Empire. So if you can save Rs. 3.50/- per day approximately Rs.100 for a month, it means you are enlighting someone’s life.

Is your response always – “When I’ve some extra money I’ll help people.” Those who think so will never have enough to give away to the needy.

Remember the most important law of money is:

“Give and you shall receive” instead of “Receive and then you shall give”

Would it not be ideal that you work hard and make money with your sweat. Should you not help the less-fortunate and give back to the society that has helped you to grow and prosper?

Join CLIFF EMPIRE now and start your contribution.

Our Vision

Cliff Empire strongly believe giving back to society is not just a charity work, its every one’s social responsibility. Moreover money spent towards organisational related activity like advertisement, office manitenance should be as minimum as possible. We use all online freeware to manage our office. The money given to Cliff Empire is just like giving money to the society.

Cliff Empire’s main agenda –

1. Money collected must be spent wisely for the benefit of the less-fortunate in our society.

2. Money spent on organization related activities should be as minimum as possible.

  (Approximately Zero Cost Management)

3. No money should be spent on self-advertisement of the individual or the association.

4. Giving back to the society is not a charity work. It is the duty of every citizen.

5. Solution oriented approach on socio-economical problems.

6. Don’t sympathize, empathize.





Recent activities
Satheesh Kumar from Mettur has been identified for help under Save My Soul(SMS) category for his Kidney transplation and post surgery treatment.He will also be identifed under Talent Identification Programme(TIP) for his further studies.

โ€ข _______________________________

โ€ข Cliff Empire sponsered Mr. M. Jeevan had won GOLD MEDAL in the Commonwealth Championship 2009 held at Pune on November 2009. He was indentified under Talent Identification Program (TIP)

โ€ข _______________________________

โ€ข Nehru school, located at Muthukulam, Trichy will be receiving benches for their students.
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โ€ข Cliff Calender-Download here

โ€ข Testimonials

โ€ข Send your Testimonial

Transparency in governence

You can now view all Cliff Empire related documents. You can check whether your contributions were added correctly, view expenses made and monthly activities. Follow this link to know more about Cliff Empire’s transparency in governance

By ๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿคดโšก๏ธRichy Bossky Banks ๐Ÿฆ

Iโ€™m best described in Joyful and sorrowful part of life but to all be it Iโ€™m always being thankful to God Almighty and it gonna take the grace of God to put everythingโ€™s in this world in place also the getting together of the light and the dark, Unlike getting together of the White and the Black, which means that the good God is gonna make the world a New Paradise for the entire Nation.....(In God We Trust)

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