How the hell is our leaders scamming us with an illness known as Coronavirus for their selfish interest while they know too well that there’s nothing of that nature.

I think God will expose each and everyone who’s partaking this forbidden news just to keep making more money from the political bad influences of Mr president of the Nation.

The nation is turning into a word known as political brouhaha.

I advice the people behind this that God is watching because we the entire public of the nation won’t fold our hands and watch the political people play us the citizen of this humble nation.

Let’s think back from the root where all this game started from, .1 MALARIA .2 HIV .3 AID .4 AIDs .5 EBOLA and now we have coronavirus ,all this things are just for them to be freely moving and stealing unnecessary money all over the world also creating impact for all politicians to freely engage in money laundering without being caught. A word is enough for the wise.

By 👑🤴⚡️Richy Bossky Banks 🏦

I’m best described in Joyful and sorrowful part of life but to all be it I’m always being thankful to God Almighty and it gonna take the grace of God to put everything’s in this world in place also the getting together of the light and the dark, Unlike getting together of the White and the Black, which means that the good God is gonna make the world a New Paradise for the entire Nation.....(In God We Trust)

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